Warranty Information


1. PERM warranty is valid for product distributed by the PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd in Malaysia only.

2. Under normal operating condition, PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd will provide free repair service for any parts caused from manufacturing defects for the period of one year beginning from the date of purchase.

3. In the event the original warranty card is lost, PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd is not obliged to honour the warranty herein.

4. At the expiration of the warranty period of one year, all expenses relating to parts, labour, transportation and whatsoever charges incurred in repairing the product shall be borne by the purchaser.

5. The terms of warranty cannot be changed, modified or extended in any manner whatsoever by any person including the purchaser.

6. The warranty shall not extent to the following items or circumstances, as the case, parts and service fees shall be chargeable:

6.1 The warranty card cannot be produced in the event of a claim.

6.2 The warranty card is soiled, altered or tempered with.

6.3 The product or any of its parts have been replaced by duplicated parts not authorised by PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd or tampered with, misused or abuse, altered or repaired by non-authorised service outlet.

6.4 The product has been damaged in transit or defect was caused by household pests or caused by natural disasters such as flood, lightning, fire etc.

6.5 The damage / defect was caused by chemical reaction, excessive heat, excessive dust, corrosive surrounding, abnormal voltage or the incoming power supply is from a generator.

6.6 The defect is due to deviation from recommended application and installation by the manufacturer.

6.7 When there are requests for regular maintenance, servicing or chemical overhauling etc.

6.8 The serial number under the product is ripping or lost.

7. The warranty does not cover any loses and damages caused directly or indirectly by break-down of our product and all other warranties expressed or implied other than those mentioned above.

8. Present the warranty card in the event of a claim.

9. The warranty does not include any transportation cost and onsite service.



Your warranty card need to be completed and return to PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd for warranty registration (warranty card provided in the packaging). Warranty void if it is not returned within 14 days from the date of delivery.