Personal Data Protection Notice for PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd


PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd (1209885-K) (“PERM”) respects and is committed to the protection of your personal information and your privacy. This Personal Data Protection Notice explains how we collect and handle your personal information in accordance with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010. Please note that PERM may amend this Personal Data Protection Notice at any time without prior notice and will update any such amendment via our website.


1. Personal information

1.1  Type of personal information

Personal information means any information which relates to you and which was collected or provided to PERM for the purposes stated in Section 2 below.

In order for us to fulfill one or more of our obligations listed in Section 2 herein, we will need to collect relevant personal information from you. The personal information collected, recorded, held, stored, used, disclosed and / or processed (collectively referred to as “Process”) by us may include (but is not limited to) the following:

(a) Master data: name, date of birth, identification supporting documents (including NRIC or passport number), gender, nationality and race, preferred language, ethnic origin, qualifications, occupation, employer, former employer(s), photographs  or other images, security recordings, voice recordings, cookies and location tracking/GPS information;

(b) Current contact details: current private, home, correspondence and/or business address, telephone and/or mobile phone number(s), fax number and email address (es), and any other form of contact information that can allow us to reach you for communication purposes; and/or

(c) Compensation and/or financial standing information: income range, bank account details, transaction currency type, income tax file number, income tax EA Form, Employees Provident Fund (KWSP) yearly and/or current dated member’s statement, bank facilities offer letter(s), bank guarantee(s) details, letter or credit(s) information other relevant information in relation to your financial credit reporting standing check for credit assessment purposes to determine business credit assignment by  PERM as part of your application to become our business partner.

1.2  Source of personal information

Your personal information will be obtained from the following sources, where applicable, or such other sources which we may see fit from time to time and/or we may collect personal information directly from you when you:

(a) Communicate with us (for example when you contact us for any enquiries, including by calling our PERM Customer Care Centre);

(b) Information provided or submitted by you through among others, as applicable the various types of registration form(s) required for commercial transaction with us, commence a business relationship with us or our channel partners of third party vendors (where applicable), registering the warranty for PERM product(s), register your interest or subscribe for information on our products and/or service or to our publications (for example newsletters), participate in any of our surveys, competitions, contests, or promotional offers, respond to any marketing materials we send out, (received via email, facsimile, manual submission, online), sales form(s), webpage(s);

(c) As applicable, publicly available or publicly accessible information; and

(d) Such other written or verbal communications or documents delivered to us prior to and during the course of our contractual or pre-contractual dealings with you.

We may also obtain your personal information from third-parties we deal with or who are connected with you and from such other sources where you have given your consent for the disclosure of information relating to you, and/or where otherwise lawfully permitted. As the accuracy of your personal information depends largely on the information you provide to us, kindly inform us as soon as practicable if there are any errors in your personal information or if there have been any changes to your personal information.

1.3  Obligatory personal information and failure to supply

All information requested for in the relevant forms is obligatory to be provided by you unless stated otherwise.

The failure to supply such personal information as may be needed may:

(a) Result in us being unable to provide you with the notices, services and/or products requested;

(b) Affect our ability to effect the necessary processes relating to the supply of our products and/or services; and/or

(c) Result in us being unable to update you on our latest products, services, promotions, events and/or launches.


2. Purposes of collecting and processing personal information

Personal information you provide will be processed by us for, amongst others, the following purposes as applicable:

(a) The delivery of notices, services or products and the marketing of such services or products to you;

(b) In order for you to enter into the necessary agreement and/or contract in relation to the sale and supply of  PERM products or for the supply of goods and services;

(c) User or customer relationship management procedures;

(d) Credit assessments and other background checks of users as we may determine to be necessary or appropriate;

(e) Our internal record management in the ordinary course of business;

(f) Such purposes specifically provided for in any particular service or product offered by us or administer your participation in contests;

(g) Conducting marketing and customer analysis in connection with our services and related products;

(h) Enabling us to send you information by e-mail, telecommunication means (telephone calls or text messages) or social media about products and services by our related companies and business partners, authorized third parties which may include but is not limited to the above mentioned purposes which we think may interest you;

(i) To establish and better manage any business relationship we have with you;

(j) To process any communication you send us (for example, answering any queries and dealing with any customer service complaints and feedbacks);

(k) Post-sales services, such as after-sales maintenance (if any) or customer service related matters;

(l) To provide you with the products and/or services you have requested;

(m) To notify you about benefits and changes to the features of our products and/or services;

(n) Collection of outstanding payments from clients and/or customers;

(o) Prevention of crime including but not limited to fraud, money-laundering, bribery;

(p) Meet any legal or regulatory requirements relating to our provision of services, and products and to make disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law, regulation, direction, court order, by-law, guideline, circular, code applicable to us or any of our member companies;

(q) Project site vacant possession, property/estate management, customer care and/or defect rectification works;

(r) For research, benchmarking, and statistical analysis purposes; and/or

(s) Other project execution works related services such as security management, project insurance procurement and site access management.


3. Storage and retention of personal information

Your personal information shall be stored either in hard copies in our office within the group or stored electronically in servers. Any personal information supplied by you will be retained by our organization as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes stated in (2) above or as required to satisfy legal regulatory, commercial or accounting requirements and at all times subject to prevailing legal requirements.


4. Disclosure of personal information

4.1  Entities within PERM

Your personal information provided to us is processed by entities (in or outside of Malaysia) within PERM (including related companies, subsidiaries, holding companies, associated companies and outsourcing partners).

PERM will ensure that:

(a) access to your personal information is restricted to staff who are contractually required to process your personal information in accordance with their respective job requirements; and

(b) only necessary information is released to the relevant employees.

4.2  Classes of third parties

Your personal information may be disclosed to relevant third parties (in or outside of Malaysia) as required under law, pursuant to relevant contractual relationship (for example, where we appoint third party service providers) or for the purposes stated in Section 2 above (or directly related to those purposes).

In the event of a potential, proposed or actual sale of business, disposal, acquisition, merger or re-organization (“Transaction”), your personal information may be required to be disclosed or transferred to a third party as a result of the Transaction. You hereby acknowledge that such disclosure and transfer may occur and permit PERM to release your personal information to the other party and its advisers/representatives.

(a) Customer or potential customer: Your personal information may be disclosed to the following classes of third parties:

(i) Third parties appointed by us to provide services to us or on our behalf (such as banks or financial institutions, software vendors, auditors, lawyers, company secretary, consultants, contractors, professional advisors, service providers, printing companies, conference/training/event organizer, other advisers, insurance companies);

(ii) Our business partners or affiliates who may jointly provide the service requested for;

(iii) Utility companies;

(iv) Law enforcement agencies, including the local police; and

(v) Relevant governmental authorities’ statutory authorities, local council and industry regulators.

(b) Vendor, supplier, tenant or service provider: Your personal information may be disclosed to the following classes of third parties: 

(i) Third parties appointed by us to provide services to us or on our behalf (such as banks or financial institutions, software vendors, auditors, lawyers, company secretary, printing companies, contractors, conference/training/event organizer, other advisers, insurance companies);

(ii) Law enforcement agencies, including the local police; and

(iii) Relevant governmental authorities, statutory authorities, local council and industry regulators.


5. Right to access and correct personal information

5.1  You have the right and shall be given access to your personal information held by us and correct the personal information where in personal information is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up-to-date. In this respect, you may in writing:-

(a) Check whether we hold and process your personal information;

(b) Request access to such personal information;

(c) Request correction of wrong personal information;

(d) Request explanation on our policies and procedures in relation to personal information handled by us;

(e) Communicate to us your objection to the use of your personal information for marketing purposes; and

(f) Withdraw, in full or in part, your consent given previously subject to applicable legal requirements/restrictions, our contractual obligations and a reasonable time frame.

5.2  Accuracy of personal information

You are responsible for informing us about any changes to your personal information to enable us to keep your data accurate and current.


6. Limiting the processing of personal information, further enquiries and contact point:

If you would like to obtain further information on how to limit the processing of your personal information, you may contact:-

• Tel: +603 6151 9333
• Fax: +603 6151 5333
• Email Address:
• Correspondence Address:
PERM Sales & Marketing Sdn Bhd
No 28 Jalan Teknologi 3/1, Persiaran Surian, 
47810 Kota Damansara,

Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Or to read our latest up-to-date PDPA policy, please visit:


7. Conflict

In the event of any conflict between this English language Personal Data Protection Notice and its corresponding Bahasa Malaysia Personal Data Protection Notice, the terms in this English language Notice shall prevail.